American Burger ready for consumption!

Happy Horror Comedy American Burger will be released on October the 17th – Make sure to get one of the first copies by preþordering here!

American Burger part of Nordic Genre Invasion in Cannes

American Burger is completed and ready to be served to hungry audiences! Let’s get together in Cannes and feast!

Once more we, as one of the founders of new platform, Nordic Genre Invasion are opening shop in Cannes and presenting the best of Nordic Genre Films! Following last years great success we’ll be open for business for five days at the best possible location right opposite the market!

Adorable Cheerleader sends Van Damme a note!

Provoked Adorable Cheerleader from American Burger reacts to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s statement on bodily perfection in Volvo ad!

Cheerleader split on Ice – Van Damme Spoof

A Work in Progress Scene from American Burger

We are releasing a Work in Progress scene from our upcoming feature film, Campy Horror Comedy AMERICAN BURGER! Enjoy & Share!

“We will Survive…”

American Burger comes knocking on your door!

[tweetable]Our crowdfunding campaign for American Burger on has started! #Indiegogo, #AmericanBurger.[/tweetable] True to our mission to bring films and people closer together we’ve created a possibility for you to get directly involved and also pre-buy the film.

The race is on and we are very excited to see what happens during the next 45 days and we’re proud to be Fan-dependent in order to stay independent! Follow the campaign at:

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American Burger WIP at Ramaskrik !

Bonita Drake, one of two directors of upcoming horror comedy American Burger, participated in the film festival Ramaskrik 24-26 October, “Norways spookiest filmfest” they say. Bonita presented the film as work in progress and screened a few clips to an enthusiastic audience… highly entertaining and much appreciated, rumour says.

Watch an interview with Bonita at the festival.

Horror Comedy American Burger goes for DRM-free Global Home Delivery

LittleBig Productions (American Burger), and Blind Spot Pictures (Iron Sky) are joining forces to meet the audience strong wish for simultaneous access on all platforms.

The mission is to bring American Burger directly to the audience and make the film available all over the world – in all platforms.

American Burger is a happy horror comedy written and directed by first-time filmmakers Bonita Drake & Johan Bromander. The directors bring a busload of American students on a culture trip in Europe. In the middle of nowhere they stumble upon a mysterious Hamburger stand and are about to realize that European notion of American Hamburgers is terrifyingly different to what they’re used to…

The global day-and-date release is planned for late autumn this year, the exact date to be released soon. American Burger will be available as original English language version with subtitling in several different languages.

“We believe the time is right for a distribution that is adjusted to the wishes and demands of the film lovers out there. The audience is a powerful driving force and we strongly believe that this model will accommodate their wish and proof it’s the way to go in future distribution.” (Producer Anna G Magnusdottir, LittleBig Productions)

“Having followed the distribution of Iron Sky, another fan-driven, Internet-active film, I’m bound to believe that a day-and-date release for such films, like American Burger, where worldwide Internet audience can have an access to the film as soon as possible in the best possible quality, without the hindrance of DRM, is the best strategy.” (Timo
Vuorensola, Iron Sky)

“Global release is such an exciting thing. For us as directors a Global event and meeting the audience directly is a dream come true. It’s like saying, “Here you go World, have
some American Burger! Enjoy!” (Directors Bonita Drake & Johan Bromander)


LittleBig Productions
Anna G Magnusdottir
+46 70 2616465

Video Release! Check Out the Cheerleaders in the Upcoming American Burger!

… the cheerleaders in the upcoming American Burger horror comedy are just about everything you need to see to sweeten your day! Plus, you also get an extra glimpse of the evilly delicious American Burger… The videos are available on Youtube or the official American Burger website. Dont forget to visit the American Burger website for the latest news and special fan deliveries! This week’s special is the downloads section, which entitles your desktop to its right to awesomeness. The Cheeleaders and the Nerds are there to lift your screen in its highest spirits!

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News: the nerds in American Burger are viewable and downloadable!

Nerds, cheerleaders, butchers, teachers and athletes… all having the best burger in Europe – American Burger. While some get to savour it, others get only a taste of fear and terror! Watch the American Burger characters during the adventure of their life time!

Preppy nerd, Fat nerd and Wonky Eyes nerd are the first ones to speak out! You have two options…

The American Burger website or the LittleBig Productions youtube channel.

You can also choose to give your desktop a nerdy boost! Wallpapers available on!

Enjoy yourselves and stay tuned!