Sámi Nieida Jojk in Canada

Sámi Nieida Jojk takes part in ImagineNATVIE Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, October 2007

Sámi in Taiwan

Sámi Nieida Jojk has been chosen to take part in the Music, Trees & Art Festival (大大樹音 樂圖像) in Taiwan, Sept/Oct 2007.

In Competition – Nordic Panorama

Sámi Nieida Jojk has been selected for Competition at the Nordic Short- & Documentary Film Festival, that takes place in Oulu, Finland in September 2007.

Sámi Nieida Jojk in Jokkmokk, Sweden

Sámi Nieida Jojk took part in Hela Sveriges Filmfestival, held in June 2007 in Jokkmokk, Sweden.




Riddu Riddu Festival, Norway

Sámi Nieida Jojk took was in Competition in Ridu Riddu Festival in Norway, June 2007 and received a shared Audience Prize.

About Riddu Riddu:

Riddu Riđđu is an annual Sami music and culture festival held in Olmmáivággi (Manndalen) in the Gáivuotna (Kåfjord) municipality in Norway. The goal of the festival is to bring forward both Sami culture and that of other indigenous peoples. Translated to English, the name of the festival is “small storm at the coast”. The festival has permanent support from the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, the Sami parliament, Troms county and Kåfjord municipality.

Sámi in Kautokeino, Norway

Sámi Nieida Jojk goes to Kautokeino Easter Festival, Kautokeino, Norway, April 2007





Sámi in Tampere, Finland

Sámi Nieida Jojk (Sami Daughter Yoik) takes part in Tampere International Filmfestival, Tammerfors, Finland, March, 2007

Dea Marina wins Premi Millor Spot/video clip

Premi Millor Spot/video clip
Festival International de Cinema Video, Barcelona, Spain

Belma at Berlin International Film Festival

in Competition Children’s Section