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A Film About Football

“How can you have played football for 20 years!?” It is a question writer/director Beate Grimsrud tries to find the answer to, when she explores her lifelong fascination for the sport of football, both inside and outside the field. It is a story of blood, sweat and tears in the fight for results and recognition. It is an unusual and humoristic film about girls, women and the fighting spirit

Runtime58 min.
ProducerAnna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorBeate Grimsrud
SupportSvenska Filminstitutet, Lisbeth Gabrielsson
Co-ProducersSveriges Television AB, Björn Arvas
DistributionMovieBoosters | International sales: LittleBig Productions
MusicHasse Örn
PhotoAndra Lasmanis
EditingSigurdur S. Jonsson, Carina Hellberg
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