Suttons Case

Edward Sutton is a police detective on sick leave. His wife Rose is away, stuck in a snowstorm. Asides from the storm, the biggest news on TV and radio are a young woman’s disappearance from the neighbourhood; a suspected kidnapping. Edward hears screams and strange noises from under his apartment and goes down to the basement to investigate the disturbance. He finds alarming signs of a violent fight and notifies the police but is not taken seriously – the communication with his wife breaks down and the landlord accuses him of disturbing the neighbours. Increasingly stressed Edward discovers that blood is dripping down to the basement from the floor of his own apartment…

Director’s Comment

Looking for the main heater in the house where I live, I found myself in a run-down and derelict basement, like a place the world has forgotten. I have a certain fascination for abandoned places and this basement really looked like something out of a horror movie. Mottled walls with handprints all over, a beautiful but somewhat scary old and heavy steel door, a big and dusty machine of some kind and an old table with unclear symbols carved on it.

I forgot all about the heater and started imagining a series of events that could take place in this kind of an environment. It had to be about someone forced to go down there to solve some mystery. That is how Sutton’s Case came about, and the basement in the film is the same one that distracted me from the heater… I wanted everything to be minimalistic, few characters, few sets, stripped environment and above all, a straightforward but gripping story.

– Stavros Genaridis

Basic Info

ReleaseOctober 2017
Runtime80 min.
ProducersAnna G. Magnúsdóttir
Anders Granström
Stavros Genaridis
Director & ScreenwriterStavros Genaridis
CastRobert David Prowse
DoPStaffan Övgård
Production DesignJohan Mansfeldt
EditingStavros Genaridis
Robert Mila
Sound Design
Sound Mix
Erik Gustavsson
Mikael Brodin
MusicMark Ambervill
Co- ProducersHarry Vagelopoulus
Dan Elmer S
Samir Z Pettersson
Executive ProducerJonas Smensgård