News: the nerds in American Burger are viewable and downloadable!

Nerds, cheerleaders, butchers, teachers and athletes… all having the best burger in Europe – American Burger. While some get to savour it, others get only a taste of fear and terror! Watch the American Burger characters during the adventure of their life time! Preppy nerd, Fat nerd and Wonky Eyes nerd are the first ones to […]

Kiruna – Rymdvägen selected for GIFF

Documentary Kiruna – Rymdvägen by Liselotte Wajstedt about the moving of North Sweden Mining Town Kiruna,  selected for competition in the “Best Swedish Documentary” section at Gothenburg International Film Festival, 25th January – 4th Februay, 2013.

American Burger goes global, on the www

The long awaited moment has finally arrived, with the release of American Burger website! Go to to get the least conventional greeting, from the least conventional chef the www has ever seen! Written and directed by Johan Bromander and Bonita Drake, American Burger is a horror comedy that depicts the extreme adventure of a group of American students on a […]