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In Your Interest

It’s an ordinary day at the bank. A somewhat stressed young man makes an entrance and sits down among the other waiting customers. When it’s his turn at the lady cashier’s he suddenly draws a pistol and declares it’s a bank robbery. It’s a situation that could have terrifying consequences if it weren’t for the cashiers unusual take on the situation.

Director’s Comment

The story is inspired by a real incident. I wanted to make the film because it’s a nice story that combines humour, warmth and courage. The lady cashier is a quick judge of the person behind the weapon and manages to turn a disastrous situation into a positive outcome. The teaser is from the work in progress.

Runtime10 min.
ProducersAnders Granström
Anna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorJimmy Olsson
Joakim Blendulf
Festival DistributionLittleBig Productions
CastAnn Petrén
Harald Lönnbro
ScriptwriterJImmy Olsson
MusicJohan T Kalrsson
PhotoChristian Haag
EditingSimon Pontén

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