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Dea Marina

An ecological music film about myths, mankind and the sea. The amazing story about environmental pollution and gimmicks in today’s society.

A prizewinning and internationally acclaimed music film where Hieronimus Bosch, René Magritte and The Little Mermaid contribute to a sharp and elegant comment in the debate aobut environment issues.

Runtime5 min.
ProducerAnna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorÅsa Sjöström
SupportSvenska Filminstitutet, Bo-Erik Gyberg
Co-Producersde Presno Film & Video, Norway
International salesLittleBig Productions
CastUlrika Rengholt
Bo W. Lindström
Ulf Montan
Beata Psilander
AnimationÅsa Sjöström
Anna Sandberg
David A. Stern
Cecilie Lynge
MusicÅsa Sjöström
Johan Zachrisson
PhotoAndra Lasmanis
EditingYolande Knobel
Lasse Lundberg

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