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The Cinderella of Tallinn

A film about a woman who´ll sacrifice everyything to get rich. Estonian Tiiu Silves once made her living as a teacher and by selling flowers at the market. When the Soviet Union fell apart she quickly became one of the richest women in the world through her scrap iron business – a very lucrative branch in Russia and the Baltics. Her name was on the top of the Maffia hit lists but her strategical geniality and business focus helped her to stay one step ahead of both the Maffia and the State Officials.

Runtime70 min.
ProducerAnna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorPirjo Honkasalo
SupportSvenska Filminstitutet, Lisbet Gabrielsson
Co-ProducersBaabeli KY | Jörn Donner Filmproductions OY
DistributionLittleBig Productions
PhotoPirjo Honkasalo
EditingMarja Pensala

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