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American Burger

100% Dead Meat!... Do You Want Fries With That?
French, Swedish, Finnish


A busload of American students, all jocks, cheerleaders, and nerds, are on a culture trip in Europe when they stumble upon a mysterious Hamburger stand in the deep European woods, selling 100% American Burgers. A visit to the Burger Factory behind the stand, renders them trapped in this unknown territory, and they are about to realize that the European notion of American Hamburgers is terrifyingly different from what they’re used to…

Director's Comment

"Hoping to do for Burgers what Jaws did for Sharks..." Directors, and writing team, Bonita Drake from England, and Johan Bromander from Sweden are focused on comedies in all genres – and they really have the talent for it – there are more funny stories heading out of that writing den for sure.
Johan Bromander & Bonita Drake

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