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An Unexpected Love Story
Sweden, Iceland


Lou lives in the city with her mother Christine, her only living relative – she thinks. It therefore comes as a shock when she finds out that her grandparents have been alive all the while and that her grandfather Yngve just died. Lou moves in with her grandmother and gets her life overthrown. Frida flees her grieve by concentrating on helping gruffy 10 year old Tom to find something he’s good at. Besides Frida and Toms’s boisterous pranks Lou is subjected to romance for the first time when Henrik falls head over heels in love with her. Lou is forced to accepting the fact that she can be liked, express her own will and determine for her self what Home really is.


Director's Comment

With HEMMA I hope to inspire the audience to look at life from different perspectives and appreciate the people we have around us, for the time we have together. I also want to inspire through the aesthetics and visual strength filmic storytelling.
Maximilian Hult

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