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I don't want to play

An abandoned village. A rebuilt old house. A broken doll cries in the middle of the night.


Albert and Sara, a couple are on their first weekend trip together. They arrive at a deserted village recently turned into an exclusive rural theme park as part of the “Abandoned Town Recovery Program”. Exploring the rebuilt house they are to stay in they discover a trap door leading to an attic that is empty except for an old kids' chair screwed to the floor. In the middle of the night, tehy hear the cry of a doll coming from the attic and gripped by fear, they decide to flee. But, going for the front door they find themselves locked in. Thus a much anticipated romantic weekend turns into the worst nightmare imaginable.

Director's Comment

I have always loved movies where nothing is what it seems. It keeps me guessing what is going to happen next. That is why I have chosen to write my first feature-length film in this genre. The idea came to me watching a documentary about abandoned Spanish villages being restored. When I saw the deserted streets and empty houses I envisioned spending a scary night there...
Hugo Sanz

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