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Operation Ragnarok

Look deep into your enemy's eyes… and meet the monster in yourself
English, Swedish


A small city in south Sweden is infected by a virus that turns people into monsters. In order to prevent the infection from spreading, the town is quarantined by the military. A small group of Swedish and immigrant non-infected persons take shelter in the old citadel. While the monsters approach, the old conflicts between the Swedish natives and the immigrants escalate to the point of no return. The two groups have to decide which the true monsters are: The infected on the outside – or the old enemies on the inside?

Director's Comment

Director Fredrik Hiller, who made the suspense thriller PSALM 21 ( – which travelled widely and among other achivements become the most watched Nordic Film in Mexico 2011 – is now back with his next feature film, thriller ZONE 261 – Operation Ragnarök. Fredrik Hiller was born on August 20, 1970, in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an actor, writer and director for stage, film and television. He has performed in theatres like the Royal Dramatic Theater, in television series like BRON (2013), and in films like BEOWULF (2007). He has written several plays, and directed over twenty theatrical productions.
Fredrik Hiller

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