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The Mountain

The Mountain is a Story of a Family's Journey for Love
Iceland, Sweden


Electrician Atli, his wife María, an astronomer, and their daughter, musician Anna, live in Iceland. María plans a trip with her family into the highlands to photograph a comet she thinks she's discovered. When the day comes, Atli and Anna have made other plans and cannot go with her. That twist of fate upends all their lives and leads them into a different orbit.

Director's Comment

At its core The Mountain is all about love and loosing love. Family, love, relationships, and their impact on our lives have always been of interest to me and that is the driving force behind my motivation for making this film. The Mountain is a coming-of-age family drama of love and sorrow. Despite the troubles and daily struggles, the family is lovable funny clumsy and confused. The story has two poles, the reality of daily life and the supernatural cosmic world which we are a part of. The story's universe has a strong connection to nature, the sea, mountains, and the universe.
Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir

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