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The Mountain

Struck by an accidental death a family seeks comfort in cosmos and a road trip into the wilderness.
English, French


Electrician Atli his star gazer wife Maria and 19-year-old daughter Anna make a regular family in Reykjavík. Life is easy going and predictable. A bit too predictable for Atli who looks for excitement outside the home. When María dies, alone on a stargazing trip they should have taken together, Atli’s, and Anna’s lives fall apart, they must battle their sorrow and find a new way forward.

Director's Comment

The Mountain is about good ordinary but imperfect people. We all know love, sorrow, remorse and sadness. And most of us are a little clumsy and crazy at times. Therefore, it should be easy for us to follow and understand Atli’s journey through the path of accepting his wife’s death. This is a dramatic story with a serious subject but not without comic and funny elements. This is also a story about stars, light, nature and the universe where these elements play kind of a side story.
Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir

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