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Pity The Lovers

A touching and entertaining romantic drama comedy about the longing for love.
Sweden, Iceland
Swedish, English


In spite of brothers Óskar and Maggi longing for love they seem doomed to stay single. Óskar stays out of relationships but is secretly in love with his childhood sweetheart Anna, engaged to another and safely out of reach. Maggi on the other hand is overly eager and goes from one relationship to another, hoping for eternal love each time. The young wanna-be artist Ingibjörg tries to become a grown-up as fast as she can and the 13-year-old friends Danni T and Danni M plod on with their daily life, which increasingly takes place in Óskar’s house. A film about the complexity of human relations and the searching for love.


Director's Comment

My previous film, HEMMA (Home) dealt with the relationship between a young woman and her grandmother. This time around I want to dive into the relationship between two brothers, something that relates more closely to me personally. The brothers are just two ordinary guys with various, sometimes conflicting, traits and one big problem in common; longing for love, but unable to sustain a lasting relationship; a problem manifested in different ways.
Maximilian Hult

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