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The Banished

The snow hides a horrible truth...
English, Swedish


In December 1917, a small troop of soldiers is sent on a secret mission to an outpost in the north of Sweden. It's a remote area, the snow is heavy and skis are the only means of transportation. Their assignment is to bring supplies to the Finnish army fighting against the Russians. On arrival they find the compound seemingly deserted, the telegraph sabotaged and then stumble upon terrifying signs of brutal combat. Isolated and unable to communicate with the outside world they are faced with an unknown threat. Based on the novel "De förjagade" by Mikael Strömberg

Director's Comment

The Banished is a brutal horror film, steeped in Scandinavian folklore and monster myths, but with a grim twist that echoes far more modern horrors. Set in a dark, bitingly cold, and hostile Northern Lapland, where lofty ideals clash with a harsh and unforgiving wilderness. The clever script centers around group psychology, the primal urge to survive, and avoid becoming someone else’s next meal.
Anders Banke

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